Jemorum is a set of religious beliefs commonly held by the Central Kingdoms, Surface Dwarven Clans, and some of the elves in (particularly eastern) Lerinna. The core of the belief system is that two equally powerful beings exist and are only able to contact the world through impure aspects of themselves. These aspects are sometimes recognized as abstract concepts displaying moral positions. Usually, however, they are seen as deities representing either Iusia,the god of moral good or moral good incarnate, or his opposite Pravaca.

Some splinter groups believe that the aspects of Iusia and Pravaca are separate gods and some even reject Iusia and Pravaca as gods but this is considered blasphemous in the eyes of mainstream Jemorum. The more common aspects found in scripture are:


  • Kale- god of purity and celibacy
  • Oporus – god of labor and hard work
  • Vezeth – god of justice and honor
  • Nikash – goddess of beauty and grace
  • Pevets – god of humility and faith


  • Ibid – goddess of lust and desire
  • Desilith – god of laziness and sloth
  • Ragros – god of anger and vengeance
  • Hakash – god of corruption and ugliness
  • Xenaren – goddess of chaos and mystery

Another deity of particular note is Porgallum, the god of choices, who is said to be equally an aspect of Iusia and Pravaca. Porgallites are those who worship Porgallum alone and believe their choices are not bound to opposing moral categories but instead believe the choice is good or not if it has achieved the desired effect.

In Jemorum death will begin the judging of the soul usually by Porgallum although it sometimes supposedly before a gathering of the two great gods, their aspects, or several great prophets.


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